At Nyman Jewelers Inc., we offer the following services:

Appraisals: We do appraisals for insurance purposes only. Your appraisal will have accurate measurements of each stone, as well as a description of the item. A full color picture is also included on the page along with the item description. Items are listed at current retail prices.

Pearl and Bead Stringing: We do all kinds of custom stringing for your necklaces or bracelets. We can do several styles of stringing. Our most popular style is with a knot between each pearl or bead. We always clean your jewelry before stringing. This service is always done in the store.

Laser Welding: In September of 2002 we purchased a laser-welding machine. Sue and Monica are our specialists. They can do almost any type of repair using the laser. By using the laser no direct heat is applied to the item. We can also work on older costume jewelry that we would previously turned down. The laser also allows us to repair most types of Eyeglasses.

Eye Glass Repair: We repair most types of eyeglasses. By using our laser welder, we can repair just about anything. There are some types, however that cannot be repaired.

Jewelry Repairs: All of our jewelry repairs are done in the store. Eric, Sue and Monica are all trained for all types of repairs done at the bench. Between the three of them, they have over 75 years of experience. We can handle everything from the simple sizing job to the complete restoration of an antique piece of jewelry. Many types of repairs are done with our Laser Welder.

Free Jewelry Cleaning: We offer free buffing and cleaning of your jewelry. This also includes inspecting your mountings for possible wear points. We have never charged for this service and we recommend you have your jewelry cleaned and inspected every six months.

Watch Repair: Eric is our Certified Master Watchmaker (Horologist). He does all our watch repairs in the store. We work on all makes of watches. From the battery change to the complete overhaul of the watch, we can get you on time again.

Engraving: We have a computerized engraving system. This allows us to engrave on just about any type of surface. We can emboss leather goods such as wallets and books and also do etching on glass.  From baby cups, to knives or even a hunting riffle. The only job that is too big is the one that won’t fit in our engraving machine.  

Gift Wrapping: We offer free gift-wrapping on purchased items. Our wrapping is recognized by many because of our handmade bows.

Wish List: We keep our customers wish lists. These are items that you pick out and we sell as a gift for your special occasion.
We try to make it easy for the men in your life to shop for you.

Special Orders: We deal with several suppliers and if we don’t have what you are looking for, chances are we can order it for you.

Shipping: We can ship your gifts for you. 

Custom Design: With the latest technology we can custom design the ring of your dreams. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you love your experience and your one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Ring Cutting: We will remove any ring that won’t come off. We have a rechargeable electric ring cutter so this is a quick and painless operation. We also make house calls for the local nursing homes and shut-ins.